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Posted on: August 25th 2016

GCSEs 2016: an exceptional set of results

This article was drafted with provisional data.  For the latest information on results please visit our performance page.

Students and staff across the Harris Federation are celebrating an exceptional set of results. Students at 17 Harris secondary academies received results this morning.

Hab resultsThe average Ebacc score within the Harris Federation is 34%, up from 25% last year.  The national average for Ebacc in 2015 was 22.9%.  In 2010, the year Ebacc was introduced, the average score across the academies that now make up the Harris Federation was just 7%.

70% of students, on average across all Harris academies, passed both English and Maths with A*-C grades. This compares with 64% in summer 2015*.

This year, a new performance measure called Progress 8 has been introduced. This indicates the progress made by secondary aged students across eight key subjects for each school, relative to other schools with similar intakes.

Based on the DfE formula for 2015, the Harris Federation Progress 8 score for 2016 is likely to be 0.65. This is significantly higher than the national average, which is always set at zero. Every Harris academy is among the 50% of schools in the country to achieve a score above zero.  Our Progress 8 figure will be revised in line with DfE data when it is published next year.

Sir Dan Moynihan, CEO of the Harris Federation said:

Harris principle0004“Across all the key performance measures, results are higher this year than they have ever been in the Harris Federation. Students of every ability and every background have achieved enormously well.

“We are continuing to close the gap between students from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers, and we are  proving that no matter how challenging a student’s starting point, they can achieve if they are given the correct teaching and support.

“We welcome the increased accountability that the new measure for Progress 8 will provide. Our provisional Progress 8 figures, which are above average at every Harris academy, demonstrate the positive contribution our schools are making.

results are higher this year than they have ever been in the Harris Federation.

“Earlier this summer, the success of Harris academies was highlighted in independent research reports from the DfE, the Sutton Trust and the Education Policy Institute.  We are pleased to have improved even further on the performance data they used in their research, which was from previous years.

the success of Harris academies was highlighted in independent research reports

“May I thank and congratulate all of the students, parents, staff and governors for their hard work and determination in achieving these results. Our students can rightly feel proud of themselves and we are looking forward to seeing them build on their success as they work towards their A Levels.”

The table below sets out the results of individual Harris academies - all figures are provisional. 

  Progress 8 % Ebacc (improvement since it was introduced in 2010) % A*-C English* and Maths
2016 2010 2016 2015 2016
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace (1990) 0.53 32 47 83 77
Harris Academy Peckham (2003) 0.32 1 22 47 52
Harris Academy Bermondsey (2006) 0.53 2 39 59 62
Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich (2006) 0.97 6 42 76 80
Harris Academy Merton (2006) 0.74 3 30 60 77
Harris Academy South Norwood (2007) 0.55 4 35 54 74
Harris Academy Falconwood (2008) 0.40 0 23 74 72
Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich (2009) 0.70 N/A 35 66 69
Harris Academy Purley (2009) 0.30 11 21 63 75
Harris Academy Beckenham (2011) 0.80 5** 18 66 80
Harris Academy Bromley (2011) 0.40 14** 40 64 65
Harris Academy Chafford Hundred (2011) 0.90 9** 63 85 85
Harris Academy Greenwich (2012) 0.47 1** 33 66 58
Harris Academy Morden (2012) 1.01 0** 22 40 57
Chobham Academy (2012) 0.59 N/A 28 N/A 69
Harris Academy Upper Norwood (2013) 0.64 9** 35 48 55
Harris Academy Battersea (2014) 1.31 6** 41 67 80

* 2015 results were based on English Literature results. This year, it is based on either English Literature or English Language in accordance with DfE guidance.

** Achieved at predecessor school

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