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Published today. Our Extra Curricular Activities information for 2018 -2019. Clubs, sports, dance and support sessions.


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This weeks current affairs covers the recent criticism of a Vlogger and a video post, deemed controversial. Student delve into the topic of who should be responsible for dealing with inappropriate internet content.


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: Y9 Parents/Carers Evening is 1 February 2018, 4.30-7.00pm


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Geography GCSE Question of the day Explain how human factors can make the effects of drought worse. (6 marks)


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95 students from & starting a fantastic day of film and Chinese cultural learning today !! looking forward to a fun day!


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Two music classes joined to make a band of 50 kids! Playing Living on a Prayer to brighten up our Thursday morning. They are concentrating faces (not miserable ones- we promise!)


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Work starts on new school in Sutton


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Work begins on the new building for Harris Academy Sutton


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A huge new secondary school is being built in Sutton and it will open this year


Work has started on the new building for Harris Academy Sutton


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A new £40 million secondary school on the site of one of the UK’s most significant regeneration projects, The London Cancer Hub, is set to create the next generation of young scientists.


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We are delighted to announce that Michael Foale CBE, the British-American astrophysicist and former astronaut, will visit the academy on Friday 2nd February 2018. Stay tuned for more information coming very soon.


Watch: video on the start of building work for the new Harris Academy Sutton building


New site is close enough to a number of Harris academies with strong A-level offers that pupils will be supported to move should they wish to


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Here’s what happened after a Croydon school banned energy drinks


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Here’s what happened after a school banned energy drinks


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Ever wondered what school governors do? A fantastic opportunity to find out with - I'm in my fourth year, our governing body is a hugely diverse range of individuals


. students help kick off campaign to ban the sale of energy drinks to children


students helped kick off new campaign against the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to children.

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Posted on: August 24th 2017

GCSE results 2017 - Another high performing year for Harris students

Students and staff across the Harris Federation are celebrating another exceptional set of GCSE results.

Almost 2,700 students across 19 Harris Federation Secondary Academies received their GCSE results this month.

With the introduction of the new 9-1 grade methodology replacing the conventional A*- G grades in English and mathematics, our academies have continued to enjoy extraordinary successes.

Over 67% of all students achieved a grade 4-9 in both English and mathematics combined, with 246 English and mathematics grades at the new ‘super grade’ of 9.

Introduced in 2010, the English Baccalaureate qualification (EBacc) measures a pass in English, mathematics, humanities and modern foreign languages. In 2016/2017, the Harris Federation EBacc score (grade C, or the new grade 4, and above) is over 35%, which is a year on year increase for our academies and 12% above the national average for 2016.  Of the students entered for the English Baccalaureate qualification 61% achieved the qualification at our academies.

Our disadvantaged students continued to achieve exceptional results, with 74% achieving a good pass in English and 34 disadvantaged students (4%) being graded at the new ‘super grade’ 9.

To emphasise the Federation’s work in closing the attainment gap for disadvantaged students, when compared to 2016 national data, our disadvantaged students were 13% above national in the basic measure (English and maths at grade 4 and above) and 16% better in the EBacc measure.

Sir Dan Moynihan, CEO of the Harris Federation, said:

 “On all the key performance measures, our GCSE results are very strong again this year across the Harris Federation. Our students and staff should be very proud of what they have achieved.  Even with the new, more demanding maths and English curriculum changes this year Harris students have clearly held their own.

“Even using the new tougher grade 5 ‘strong pass’, our academies’ performance is well above the national average and in line with international comparators.

“Closing the gap between students from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers is the reason we exist.  Our GCSE results show that no matter what a student’s starting point, with good teaching, the right support and a culture of high aspiration they can achieve.

“I’d like to thank and congratulate all of the students, parents, staff and governors for their hard work and determination in achieving today’s exceptional results. We look forward to seeing them build on their success as they work towards their A levels.”

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