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Former student to play in final four of college basketball championship this weekend


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Starting our School Direct training at the brilliant with their superb Managing Mentor.


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Harris Academy Orpington is looking for a Maths Teacher. Apply now


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The HCACP Sixth Form Easter Interventions Programme can be found here


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: 20th April - Yr 12 & 13 English Lit students will be heading to the theatre to see Othello at the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse:


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All five of Croydon's secondary schools currently rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted


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Silverware for the U13's netball tournament. Thanks to for hosting! Well done to you all 🥈


Amazing result well done.


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Only 48 hours left to speak up for ! Have your say on local kids getting into new school!


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🏐NETBALL🏐U12's beat Langley A's 7-3 & U14's beat Harris Bromley 24-2. U13's tournament tomorrow, come on girls!


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Our students have enjoyed an inspirational day at Oxford University including lunch in the chapel and an academic taster session.


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Well done to the Y10 Business students who entered the Peter Jones Tycoon Challenge and successfully set up an in-school stationary shop!


20 - 24 March 2017 Harris Academies 'The Week in Pictures'.


Thanks to all Harris Governors & colleagues for attending yesterday's Governing with impact conference & to for hosting.


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Another great conference. Thanks to those that organised and for hosting!


Hovers doing practical science!


Lord Harris presents awards for our Governors that have served in our schools for 5 years and over - Thank you!


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Governors understand the new mathematics curriculum by learning like students.


A great day of training on offer for our Governors.


We are really grateful for all you do 🏆

Education Performance

Our 2016 SATs and GCSE performance – a snapshot


Harris avg.

National avg.

Proportion of pupils at expected standard



Proportion of pupils at high standard



Progress score




Harris avg.

National avg.

Progress 8



Attainment 8



Proportion of students achieving Basics



Proportion of students achieving EBacc



Secondary Education Performance

GCSE Results 2016

In a year of significant change in how students’ GCSE performance is measured, the Harris Federation’s young people flourished across the board.

This year, Progress 8 took over as the key measure, replacing the proportion of students gaining five or more A*-C grades including English and maths. Progress 8 indicates the progress made by secondary aged students across eight key subjects for each school, relative to other schools with similar intakes. Two of our academies featured in the top 10 in the England for this measure.

Alongside this are:

  • Attainment 8, which calculates a student's average grade across eight subjects (the same subjects that count for Progress 8).
  • Basics, measuring the proportion of students achieving A*-C grades in English and mathematics.
  • EBacc, awarded when students secure a grade C or above across a core of five academic subjects.

Progress 8

Across the Harris Federation, the average Progess 8 score is +0.5.  The national average is set at zero.

This means that our students are earning an average of half a grade better per subject than other pupils with the same prior attainment at Key Stage 2.

There were positive Progress 8 scores for every single Harris secondary academy, with two featuring in the country’s top 10 highest performing academies. Harris Academy Battersea’s score places it fourth in England and means students are making more than a full grade better per subject than at similar schools nationally. Harris Girls’ Academy is ranked eighth in the country.

Our secondary academies with results are located in nine London boroughs.  A Harris academy topped the Progress 8 league table in five of those boroughs, whilst our two Merton schools placed second and third:

  • Southwark – Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich
  • Croydon – Harris Academy Upper Norwood
  • Bromley – Harris Academy Beckenham
  • Wandsworth – Harris Academy Battersea
  • Thurrock – Harris Academy Chafford Hundred

Attainment 8

The Federation-wide Attainment 8 score is 5.4 which exceeds the new national definition of a “good pass”.

There were particularly good average scores per student at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace (6.0) and Harris Academy Chafford Hundred (5.9) and Harris Academy Battersea (5.9).

Closing the performance gap

Of the more than 2,000 Year 11s in the Harris Federation who sat their GCSEs this summer, over 1,000 come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

Having been recognised by the Sutton Trust for our success in closing the gap between disadvantaged students and others, our Progress 8 figures for 2016 point to the success of our continued efforts in this area.

Average Progress 8 for our disadvantaged students was +0.45; Progress 8 for this group nationally was -0.40 in 2015.

Similarly, the average Attainment 8 score was 5.1, which is above the new national definition of a “good pass”.

So, whereas in England the progress made by disadvantaged students at school is below average, at Harris it is higher than average. And the data also shows that we are continuing to close the gap between disadvantaged students and everybody else.


Overall, 71% of Harris students achieved Basics, compared to 64% last year.

Students performed excellently in English, with over 80% achieving at least a C grade in 14 of our 17 secondary academies.


The average EBacc score within the Harris Federation is 34%, up from 25% last year.  The national average for EBacc in 2015 was 22.9%. 

In 2010, the year Ebacc was introduced, the average score across the academies that now make up the Harris Federation was just 7%.

At Harris Academy Chafford Hundred, 63% of students are achieving the EBacc, whilst at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, the Harris Federation’s first school, the proportion is now 47%.

Primary Education Performance

There was also change in how the attainment of primary children is evaluated, both at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Pupils sat more rigorous tests and are no longer graded on national curriculum levels, but against an “expected standard” (a scaled score result of 100) in reading, writing and maths.

Early Years 2016

In the EYFS, 86% of our pupils achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD); 17 percentage points above the national average.

Key Stage 1 2016

At Key Stage 1 our pupils have significantly outperformed the national averages for expected progress:

  • Across the Federation, 81% of pupils achieved at least the expected standard in reading, compared to 74% nationally.
  • In writing, 80% performed to at least the expected standard, 15 percentage points above the national average of 65%.
  • In maths, 82% were at the expected level compared to an average of 73% across the country.

Pupils in Year 1 are assessed using the phonics screening check. In 2016, 88% of pupils in our academies passed the check, compared with 81% nationally

Key Stage 2 2016

At Key Stage 2 our children’s results were similarly excellent, with 71% of pupils achieving the expected combined level for reading, writing, maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation. The national average is 53%. The proportion of children achieving a high standard was also above the national average.

This performance is all the more gratifying given that eight of our 11 primary academies with KS2 results were Inadequate or in Special Measures when they joined the Harris Federation.

In reading, the average for pupils meeting the expected standard was 79% compared to the national average of 66%.

In writing, 88% of pupils met the expected standard compared to the national average of 74%. Six of our academies had over 90% of children meeting the standard.

In maths, 85% met the standard compared to 70% nationally.

In grammar, spelling and punctuation, 86% of our pupils met the standard. The national average is 72%. More than a quarter of pupils at nine of our academies achieved highly.

We are incredibly proud of our pupils’ attainment and also the progress they are making to achieve these grades.

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