Harris Federation tops the performance tables - Better performance than all large Academy Trusts or Local Authorities
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Retweeted From Ms Valentín Lucas

What a busy week in MFL at Breakfast Club, Mandarin Club and KS4 Spanish Cinema Night! https://t.co/fnISrDAUVz


Retweeted From Harris Chafford Hundred

Sixth form offers update 😁 https://t.co/BaUzLfZ0Po


Retweeted From Your Croydon

William Awomoyi announced as the first https://t.co/TmzUmKBDFH https://t.co/5p3sG3GwzV


Retweeted From Marian

Big Congratulations to deputy mayor & Big Big congratulations to


Retweeted From Your Croydon

Huge congratulations to the first ! & Deputy Shea Williams. We're looking forward to working with you. Well done to all our candidates - you are amazing and we look forward to continuing to hear your voices in local democracy


Very proud that student Shea Williams named Deputy Young Mayor https://t.co/boRlkUFQC5


Retweeted From Harris City Academy

Well done to all our amazing students involved with the BBC School report today. Topical reporting filmed and edited by our students available here. https://t.co/11X6TJX9TO https://t.co/x7zVjahbDq


Retweeted From Louise Martin

Proud of students being part of the today looking at the impact energy drinks have on children. great work by the students and superbly led by 👍🏼


Retweeted From Bespoke Kitchens LDN

Harris Academy Battersea achieves 'outstanding' rating https://t.co/2epGuUMtjb


Retweeted From Wandsworth Guardian

Harris Academy Battersea achieves 'outstanding' rating https://t.co/G0CkkT6k4h


Retweeted From Harris Careers

Read about the inspirational transformation of - the latest academy to be judged by ! https://t.co/shxii6NlZu via https://t.co/oh0sEMDiS1


Retweeted From St George's CE

We are so fortunate to have you on our doorstep as a great school of choice for our children


Retweeted From HarrisDulwichGirls

We're honoured to have received THREE educational outcomes awards for 2017 from - for being in the top 20% of schools for student attainment, the top 10% for student progress, and for the great performance from pupils eligible for the pupil premium. Great work everyone! https://t.co/Gif0qRfXq5


Retweeted From HarrisBoys'Academy

We're soooo to have received two educational outcomes awards from - one for being in the top 20% of schools for student attainment in 2017, and the second for being in the top 10% for student progress. Great work boys, parents, staff, governors...! https://t.co/ul9SEumprE


Retweeted From Carmelrose

Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations!!


Retweeted From Tom Bennett

Terrible headline, great story from Battersea. Tackle behaviour, all else follows https://t.co/3BMTRZTyTK


Retweeted From Karen W

"When they follow rules a lot of ‘problem children’ become the star pupils.” https://t.co/3Ffg9rQ2be


Retweeted From DALP_Acting CEO

An inspirational tale. Well done and deserved https://t.co/OdcLh0ZsHN


Retweeted From HarrisBeckenham

British Science week is well underway! Our Y7 students had to use their creative skills to construct parachutes to hold an egg and transport it safely, unbroken, to the ground. Enquiry and imagination thriving. https://t.co/P4ofAYdXn3


Retweeted From HarrisSchoolDirect

Excellent knowledge is so important: as well as all trainees holding a BA/BSc first degree, many also hold Masters degrees and approximately 8% of our trainees also hold PhDs! If you would like to , visit https://t.co/Guxm9Bd9mv for more details.

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Nicola Graham

Principal, Harris Academy Chafford Hundred

"You will get great opportunities and we will not be happy until you are the best you can be, so that you can help our students be the best that they can be."

Thashan Pillay

Deputy Lead Science Consultant

"I went into teaching because I believe that education is the biggest tool to improve a child’s life chances and provide them with opportunities to fulfil their goals."

Rebecca Hickey

Executive Principal, Harris Beckenham & Chobham

"We have improved our headline 5A*-C (including English and Maths) by 26% in our opening two years, and our A Level  results have improved year on year also."

George McMillan

Principal, Harris Academy Greenwich

"Harris Academy Greenwich is a rapidly improving school with results in 2011 of 73% of students achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Maths, significantly above the National Average. We pride ourself on our modern, student-centred approach to education, but with traditional values of respect and discipline at its core. With academic outcomes in the top 5% of schools in the country, it is a school carving out a new story for its students and our local community."

Sharie Omoragbon

Teaching School Director

Sharie took on the role of Teaching School Director and currently oversees the Teaching School offer for the two Harris Federation Teaching Schools. The designated Academies work together to deliver a joint offer with the other schools and Academies that make up the Alliance.

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