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What a lovely message - thank you


Parents and carers with children on Free School Meals - please take note of the scam email being circulated asking you for your bank details. Please do not respond to it if you receive it.


Retweeted From Derek Hills

What a fantastic example for all! There must be restaurants () and suppliers that can support with this to help reduce their own waste and possibly for ongoing revenue.


And also any restaurant suppliers with stock to shift. Thank you for the suggestion


Retweeted From Louise Martin

can you use your super powers (and contacts!) to support ? What an AMAZING idea!


Please get in touch if you are able to help. We want to get this off the ground as soon as poss, to help families who are hungry or in need.


PLEASE RETWEET: with 36,000 families at our schools in London and Essex, we want to supply food parcels for those in need (on top of free school meals which we’re already doing). We’ll fully fund this but URGENTLY need a supermarket chain to help.


Retweeted From Amy Gibbons

Sir Dan, CEO, also told me that keeping schools open only for vulnerable children and those of key workers could provide an opportunity for disadvantaged pupils to "catch up" on core subjects. - via


Retweeted From Harris Junior Academy Carshalton

Just a reminder that 'Day 1' activities, on Education City, will only be available for the rest of today. Let's get learning!


Retweeted From Harris Orpington

Don’t forget to check out our remote working website page for guidence on how to use our learning packages


Retweeted From Harris Peckham

Look at all the flowers gave to our fabulous teachers today, to thank them for keeping open our school for children of and other keyworkers. Lovely thought, thank you!


Now on at 7.30pm this evening!


Retweeted From Harris Haling Park

We are so proud of our staff coming in to help key workers get to their jobs today, and to help our most vulnerable children. Let's keep each other as safe as we can...


Retweeted From Harris Sutton

We have seven key worker children attending school today, separated at a safe distance, and four members of staff on site. Thank you to all of our families for making sensible decisions today, helping us to minimise the number of our staff required to travel to school.


Proud that our schools played a small part in the making of this documentary. Tune in at 8.30pm this evening, on BBC One.


Retweeted From Alba

the day started for the students!! Well done for the amazing organisation with so short notice! We are proud to be part of such amazing school...


Retweeted From HPA Orpington

Ok, HPAO Home Learners, let's kick off Monday morning with some PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube: Mums, Dads, littler and bigger siblings, those of us still in school - we will all be doing it! 9.00am every day


Retweeted From Harris Primary Academy Kenley

Want your children to continue practising their Read Write Inc speed sounds?🔤🔡🔠 will be showing daily phonics films via FaceBook and YouTube every morning for the different sets of speed sounds.

Sixth Form

The Harris Sixth Form is one of the largest in London, with 11 campuses and almost 2,000 Sixth Formers.

It has three very different, but equally ambitious, routes that sixth formers can choose between:

  • Sixth Form Academia, tailored to those of our students looking for a Russell Group university place or to study at other top universities worldwide;
  • Sixth Form Professional for those of our students wanting to study for credible qualifications that universities recognise and respect, or which lead directly to their careers of choice;
  • Sixth Form Virtuoso, which is a bespoke programme for students seeking careers either in sport or the performing arts.

Through our Higher Education programme, the Harris Experience Advanced, we have formed meaningful educational links with many top London universities, including Goldsmiths College, Imperial College, King’s College and University College as well as having strong contacts with our link colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge. This ensures that our most able students have every chance of achieving offers from top Russell Group universities. We have also formed educational partnerships with many institutions, including the Legatum Institute, Christie’s Education, Future First, Guy’s Hospital and Caxton Associates, giving students access to top-level work-related opportunities, lectures and conferences whilst still in sixth form. Through a partnership with the Imperial Medical School, as well as MeDCAS, Harris sixth formers interested in medical careers receive full support and expert advice throughout their time with us.  And with links with many businesses including Barclays Bank, Capgemini and Pret a Manger, every sixth former is guaranteed a two week work placement.

In September 2014 we opened the Harris Westminster Sixth Form. It is the only selective school in the Federation, prioritising academically able students from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to prepare them for studying at the most competitive universities at home and abroad.

Please click here to be directed to our Sixth Form portal page.

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