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Retweeted From Department for Education

It's easy to get caught up in all the updates. But not everything you read online about Covid-19 is necessarily true - take this quiz from to separate the facts from fakes around the coronavirus 💯👇


Retweeted From Harris South Norwood

Great to hear year 12 students remotely watching and discussing Shakespeare's presentation of gender and madness in the Globe's latest production. The play is still available here until Sunday 19th April:


Retweeted From HPACR

Eesa and Khalil have been learning how to draw alongside tutorials with Rob Biddulph. Take a look at their Stuart house too! Great work boys!


Retweeted From HPA Orpington

Our key worker children have been enjoying the sunshine today


Congrats Rayyan!


Well done!


Retweeted From Harris Academy St John’s Wood

Looking after keyworker’s children and vulnerable students during the Easter holidays. We’ve been showing our support for the by creating a rainbow and messages of thanks in several different languages.


and enjoy this 🙂


Retweeted From Harris Careers

Be a part of transforming students lives in and around London by searching for one of our vacancies!


Retweeted From HarrisPrimaryMerton

Our Easter Wellbeing Pack is available on our website! There's a selection of practical activities to do over the next few weeks.


Retweeted From Harris Benson

Just a bit of art to brighten your day from a Year 6 student


Retweeted From Harris Junior Academy Carshalton

Good morning! There’s a great resource here to help learn geography knowledge in a fun way


Retweeted From HPAMA

A huge thank you to , we were able to create so many hampers for our families from the products you donated before we closed


Retweeted From HarrisTottenham

Open VERY carefully...a book with BITE! Check out our first on our website: 📚


Retweeted From HarrisTottenham

Need some inspiration for fun maths activities for children of all ages...follow our maths consultant for some great ideas that do not need lots of resources


Retweeted From Graeme Smith

Very proud we have been a small part of supporting the at .


Retweeted From HarrisTottenham

HATO Tales are live! Visit our website for a bedtime story from the wonderful Ms Gamauh!


Retweeted From Harris Peckham

- The staff at Harris Academy Peckham have worked tirelessly to provide food and well-being bags to our HAP Community in these difficult times! In the last two weeks we have provided over 300 families with vouchers and/or bags! We are stronger together! 🌈💕🌈


New sixth form is 'a hub for ambitious young people'


Retweeted From HPABeckenham

Team staffed the hub this week for children from and Each child painted their own flag that we then put together to make one giant flag. Wonderful and 😊

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Harris Primary Academy Kenley opened in September 2013. We have more than 400 lively young minds at our Academy. Children are supported to be the best they can be by our dedicated teachers and support staff. You can find out more about our Academy in this section of our website

Academy Ethos

Whatever a child’s background or starting point, we want to make sure that they finish Year 6 with the academic skills, social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Every lesson at our school is creative and there is plenty of time for children to think, to play, to discover and wonder. Each child is taught in the way that suits them best and we step in quickly if a change is needed.  For some children, this might involve one-to-one support if they are finding something difficult and for others it could mean stretching them more to keep them interested.

Our Academy is relaxed and comfortable but pupils know that good behaviour is expected of them. They are frequently praised and rewarded for trying their best and for being kind, hard-working and well-behaved. We want the Academy to feel friendly and welcoming and we always make sure that every pupil has at least one friend.

Our children are taught to respect each other and their teachers. There is a zero tolerance approach to any type of bullying.


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