Harris Experience

Harris Experience

The Harris Experience is a two-part programme that takes place over five years. It aims to broaden the academic and cultural experiences of our most academically promising secondary school students.  

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Disadvantaged students are prioritised for places and one of the outcomes of the programme is that Harris students now attend Russell Group universities at a rate of more than twice the national average. 

In the long term, we see the programme shaping future leaders in all walks of life, helping to level the playing field for students from working class or disadvantaged backgrounds and bringing much needed diversity to key professions and public life. 

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Harris Experience: Years 9-11 exposes students to a wealth of high-end academic and cultural experiences, ranging from world class art auctioneering with Christie’s Auctioneers to a trip to the Royal Opera House; from a day of Science in Action at Imperial College London to a bespoke day of lectures at Oxford University. 

Within their own academies, our Harris Experience students are taught to think independently, to express themselves effectively and to embrace learning for its own sake as well as to start the process of understanding their individual academic pathways. 

We hope that all Harris Experience students will enter a Harris sixth form, where they will automatically gain entry to the Harris Experience Advanced. 

Harris Experience Advanced: Years 12-13 is a Russell Group application programme providing expert guidance and individually-tailored academic opportunities for our most able sixth formers. The programme is aimed at students who have achieved outstanding grades at GCSE or who prove themselves to be making outstanding academic progress early in Year 12 and maintain this throughout their two years in sixth form. 


The programme comprises:

  • Whole group sessions
  • Academic tracking
  • Trips and masterclasses
  • University visits
  • Subject-specific societies to support academic stretch with subject specialist guides
  • An Oxbridge programme
  • A medical/dentistry programme
  • Weekly bulletins and follow-up on a wealth of academic opportunities outside of school
  • Guidance on writing very competitive applications to Russell Group universities
  • Interview practice and advice
  • Learning mentors for Oxbridge


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