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The Times reports on Harris Experience

“It may well be that a student who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the opera will gain cultural polish that is one day useful in an interview for a place at Oxford or a job at a management consultancy.  More than that, though, it is quite possible that a student, perhaps many students, will have their ears opened and their imagination captured and discover a thing of beauty that is a joy for ever.”

We were thrilled to welcome Nicola Woolcock, education correspondent at The Times, to Harris Academy Bermondsey so that she could see our unique programme - Harris Experience - in action. 

Harris Experience runs in all of our secondary academies and builds the cultural capital, social confidence and academic potential of the most able students in Years 9, 10 and 11.

It exposes them to a range of activities; examples include learning the art of auctioneering with Christie's and developing their public speaking skills with LAMDA.

Click here to read The Times’ article.

And click here to read The Times’ editorial about our programme.

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