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At Harris, we believe all children deserve access to a good education. 

Education can transform a child’s life chances, breaking the link between their economic background and the opportunities and careers they can access. 

The Harris Federation is a not-for-profit charity: we have over 30 years’ experience and we now run 50+ excellent academies in London and Essex. We provide opportunities for children of all abilities from working class and disadvantaged backgrounds: we’re widely recognised as a force for social mobility and many of our initiatives and ideas have been adopted by the wider educational sector. 

In a number of our academies, 1 in 2 children receives free school meals.

We’re responsible for the education of one in 40 of school children in London – around 40,000 children.  With the majority of our academies located in areas of high socioeconomic disadvantage, a high-quality education is key to the futures of the children we serve. 
We believe all children deserve the opportunity to succeed. We are providing them with this opportunity.

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