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Here’s another list of activities for our Chobham students to try this week


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Thank you to all our children and parents/carers too 👍🏼


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A reminder that the new battles begin today! The teachers can’t face another loss so we hope the children are prepared. Let the battles commence...


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Monday’s learning is up and ready for the morning. Go to our home learning section at


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Work for the week ahead is now live on the website, please look under the student hub section. Teachers have been working hard and have done a fabulous job! We can’t wait to see what you do! Sending all of our Hpabe families lots of love from the Staff Team


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Lots of amazing learning went on in week one of the school closures. Week 2 of home learning is now available on our website. Send in some pictures!


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Our students are enjoying their weekly assembly. This week’s theme is independence and is led by Miss Pocock


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Parents/Carers Survey. We're working hard to get the balance right between the work your daughters need and enjoyable enrchment activities too. Are we getting it right? Please complete a quick survey here before 5pm today, if possible. Thank you so much.


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Good morning one and all. What do watch or do this weekend? Or any weekend in the next months? has the answer


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Download and complete our new and updated 'At Home Activity Passport', designed for any student in Years 7-11. 20 activities to complete, to win Harris Points! Download yours at


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HBAED today donated 155 pairs of safety googles (normally used by our Science and DT department) to the NHS to help prevent their staff contracting COVID-19. Lewisham NHS put out a call to local schools who might have spare googles, and we are proud to help


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Really useful advice for our students. Please take a read.


What a lovely message - thank you


Parents and carers with children on Free School Meals - please take note of the scam email being circulated asking you for your bank details. Please do not respond to it if you receive it.


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School shutdown will level playing field, says academy chief | if we are careful with the planning, I think we can come out stronger in the sector (£)


Retweeted From Derek Hills

What a fantastic example for all! There must be restaurants () and suppliers that can support with this to help reduce their own waste and possibly for ongoing revenue.


And also any restaurant suppliers with stock to shift. Thank you for the suggestion


Retweeted From Louise Martin

can you use your super powers (and contacts!) to support ? What an AMAZING idea!


Please get in touch if you are able to help. We want to get this off the ground as soon as poss, to help families who are hungry or in need.

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Posted on: May 9th 2019

The Ockendon Academy set to join the Harris Federation

The Ockendon Academy will join the Harris Federation in September 2019.

The school is already an academy, having converted in 2011. By joining the Harris Federation it will benefit from a great deal of focused support as it seeks to transform the education on offer to students.
The Harris Federation has been involved in education in Thurrock since 2011 when Harris Academy Chafford Hundred opened. It also runs Harris Academy Riverside, Harris Primary Academy Mayflower and Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred. There are nearly four applications from families for every place at a Harris academy in Thurrock.

Ms Jo Rainey, Principal of The Ockendon Academy, said:

“The governors of The Ockendon Academy and I are thrilled to be joining the Harris Federation and know this decision will benefit our students, their families and our staff. The Harris family of academies have an established reputation of excellence and the distinguished expectations and achievements across the entire Federation are unrivalled.  As an academy that is rapidly improving, joining the Harris Federation will propel us into a new dimension.”

Sir Dan Moynihan, Chief Executive of the Harris Federation, said: 

“With a long-standing and successful commitment to families in Thurrock, we are delighted that The Ockendon Academy has chosen to join the Harris Federation. We want to build on everything that is already great about the academy so that every student benefits from a truly excellent education.”

Jackie Doyle-Price, MP for Thurrock, said:

"I am so pleased for the students and staff of The Ockendon Academy and know that they have an extremely bright future as part of the Harris Federation. Through the four other schools they run in Thurrock, all of which are highly successful, Harris have demonstrated that they provide an outstanding education at their academies. I applaud the decision of governors at The Ockendon Academy to join such a successful organisation.  I am truly thankful for the commitment that Harris shows to the education of our children here in Thurrock."


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