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We are looking for an experienced Early Years Teacher to join Harris Nursery Hub Peckham. We are interested to hear from qualified looking to join our new and exciting Nursery Hub.


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Harris Girls' Academy Bromley is looking to appoint an inspirational, dynamic and enthusiastic qualified Teacher to join as Director of Performing and Physical Arts.


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Primary teachers developing their pottery techniques as part of our Curriculum Conference today. Push your weld into the slab in one direction and then the next to create a really strong join!


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Harris Academy Riverside are looking for a Vice Principal to join its growing . We are looking for an experienced senior leader who shares our academy ethos and vision.


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⛷Ski Trip 2020⛷ Day 4 and the conditions are still perfect!


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My letter in today’s Times: navigating the application system is the easy part of getting into top universities - it’s on developing scholarship that resources should be spent:


Thanks and to you too 😊


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Oranges are not the only fruit ... | a quite remarkable art exhibition on the Tottenham site from the Year 10-12 students


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When it comes to getting more black women and girls involved, I can only think of one name- Genevieve Bent. She is the award-winning creator of 'Young, Gifted & STEM' and is the Head of Science at . So proud!


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Few hours before our annual trip to Pompeii. Ready and packed, 42 students from and filled with excitement. See you everyone at 03:00am at HACH.


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Had a chat about school governance this morning and realised I’m in my 15th year of being a governor! Time flies but it’s such a rewarding experience if you can find the time to be involved in your local school(s).


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Meet Dora! She's a Chemical Engineering graduate and she's training to teach maths at You can read her blog posts here:

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Posted on: August 30th 2019

Harris Federation GCSE Results 2019

Harris academies in London and Essex are celebrating our twelfth consecutive year of fantastic GCSE results. 

With 4,500 Year 11 students receiving results across 23 Harris academies, our estimated average Progress 8 is around +0.4. This translates to each pupil achieving four GCSE grades higher than students with similar starting points at other schools. 

Between them, our Year 11 students achieved 1,245 of the new ‘super’ Grade 9s - equivalent to an A**. 

Whereas national statistics show that students from disadvantaged backgrounds make negative progress on average at school, at Harris they consistently achieve highly with their Progress 8 estimated at +0.23 this year. 

34% of Year 11 students achieved the Ebacc. We are still waiting to find out what the national average was in 2019, but last year it was 24%. So, despite many of our academies being located in the most disadvantaged areas, our students are comfortably outperforming national averages.  

Congratulations to every student - we are all thoroughly looking forward to seeing what you go on to achieve in your sixth form education and beyond. 

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