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Wow! Just did the maths and we have *3430* primary pupils learning mandarin this year at the London Centre 😃


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🌈 All Are Welcome 🌈 We have been reading ‘All are Welcome’ as part of our whole school virtual assemblies. Well, because, All Are Welcome here at Harris Primary Beckenham Green!


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Reading for pleasure is a vital element of success at HABE Sixth Form. This week’s must read for Sixth Form is ‘House of Glass’ by Hadley Freeman.


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Read our new weekly parent newsletter to find out about all the exciting opportunities in place for our students. It can be found here:


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Fantastic presentation from Ms Lee for parents/carers launching the Bronze ⁦⁩ award! Thank you for attending!


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🌈Wellbeing Wednesday: The Advent Calendar for Kindness this Christmas from . Be kind to yourself and others this festive season.


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Can we get the dynamic digital duo of up to 200 followers?! They are currently in 191 so see if the power of Twitter and can get them over the line! Please retweet!


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Today’s Year 9 virtual careers webinar linked to computer science. Students learnt about the importance of algorithms in advertising and looked at its application in major companies such as Adidas and Mars.


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Whilst our Y11 students are working from home, we will be providing a comprehensive range of online lessons so that they don't miss out...


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Winter wonderland and Narnia, the themes of 2020 Christmas decoration at Coleraine Park ! Wonderful atmosphere and brilliant job of the compassionate,creative and caring staff at the office ..⁦⁩ ⁦


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Missing the Christmas lights? Look no further... Amazing transformation of the Year 1/2 climbing frame. Thank you TEAM CP


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Worried about Covid spoiling Christmas? Not at PL: The North Pole has landed with sleigh, fireplace, and a sack full of who knows what? Thank you amazing team PL


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📣 PE bulletin for the week..


Retweeted From Harris Federation Computer Science Consultant Team

Explore our definition of cyber bullying on our new Harris Learning Hub website:

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Posted on: November 9th 2020

Harris Federation launches new Home Learning Hub

Our new Home Learning Hub is launched today. Here, our Lead Computer Science Consultant, Stephen Trask, who has led the initiative, blogs about what the new website is aiming to achieve.

Stephen writes:

It has been quite a start to the academic year: wonderful to return to our schools and our students, yet a term tinged with uncertainty and new routines on sanitising, social distancing and delivery of lessons.

With this in mind, the Harris Federation is delighted to announce the launch of our new home learning hub, available to schools everywhere on:

Underpinning this site is a desire to share high quality content with all, enabling pupils and staff alike to freely access this content whether in the classroom, or at home during periods of self-isolation or lockdown. The resources perfectly dovetail with lesson content and with national curriculum expectations and would complement any face-to-face lesson; the emphasis is on flexibility at times when we need to be highly adaptable. To that end, the lessons have been constructed by members of our consultancy teams, and the lessons contain content that is tailored very specifically to particular concepts.  Examples include a dissection of Percy Shelley’s ‘Ozymandias’ by the English consultants, or an exploration of algebraic expressions by the Maths team.  In the case of Computer Science, the emphasis is on threshold concepts.  For example, you will find a number of short video explanations revolving around converting binary numbers to denary, or on the significance of passwords to computer security.

Our learning hub also features a ‘Teacher Resources’ section, where we share key pedagogical research, practice and professional development suggestions in areas as diverse as learner-centred teaching, assessment methods, online schooling and studying techniques to name but a few.

The Harris Learning Hub is intended to evolve organically – new content will be added by other members of our
subject consultants, and we are very keen to listen to your feedback.  Content includes podcasts, video explanations, worksheets, interactive lessons and links to nationally recognised resources of high quality.

If there is a particular topic or concept that you would like some guidance on, please let us know and we will consider adding it.

We cannot mitigate against school closures, and recent events have shown just how impossible it is to replace teachers, no matter how technological the solution.  But we hope that our learning hub will help teachers, students and parents alike to navigate through the next few months.

Stephen Trask, Lead Consultant for Computer Science, Harris Federation

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