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Retweeted From Rayo

Got A*A*A*A and admission into my dream university 🙏🏾 Thank God https://t.co/ltp2Jsx4BI


Tune in to to hear about how Harris academies are supporting the drive, ambition and success of the white working class boys in our classrooms


After an eventful day, we wanted to say a huge congratulations to Julia from who is off to to study Human, Social and Political Sciences https://t.co/taTHdTKGFu


Retweeted From James Handscombe

Some happy Harris Westminsters. Back row Rayo (medicine), Harry and Afaq (both maths). Front row Disha (maths), Rio (geography), Sekela (law), Daniella (HSPS) and Aweys (maths). Off to Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard: congratulations to all! https://t.co/O80oSod2PV


Congratulations to the whole team at - 16 students are off Oxford and Cambridge and 1 to Harvard. 6 of these students will be reading Maths. One of them is Aweys - read his story in today's https://t.co/Im9JJ2kkeo


Retweeted From Josie Verghese

👏 and brilliant to see you back at school with and supporting the education of the next generation. https://t.co/AyOHmQdSs2


Retweeted From UoN Students' Union

Well done Harsa! 🙌 An amazing achievement, and we want to wish you a big congratulations from your new Students' Union! 😁 https://t.co/fTfJKgrTeh


Congratulations Harsa and all other students collecting results at today https://t.co/ddRedHykUk


"I did love learning, I did love studying...my school shaped me to be who I am today" - Stormzy on his education at Harris Academy South Norwood Listen to his interview here, 11 mins in: https://t.co/ulcyjO0nTM https://t.co/DnFCXNzdmk


Retweeted From Croydon Advertiser

How cool is this! https://t.co/WLcVCGWuVk


Retweeted From Tom Lejava

Stormzy representing (my secondary school!) Such a legend! 😛🔥 https://t.co/oMHK8SWtUL


Retweeted From Harris Purley

Congratulations to all of our students for another year of fantastic results! was on hand at to congratulate them on all of their hard work! https://t.co/LokKmpuNHd


Retweeted From James Handscombe

Congratulations to all Harris Westminster students on an excellent set of results and destinations!


Retweeted From Harris City Academy

Ex Pupil and legendary urban music artist visited students at HCACP today to congratulate them and the Harris Federation for another year of amazing A Level results. https://t.co/LnQo0ntbpD


Retweeted From BBC Newsbeat

Here's Stormzy with two teachers from his old school, where he announced the Stormzy Scholarship 👊 More on and at 12:45 and 17:45 📻 https://t.co/3VShsRbW1P https://t.co/QVEzIwSAwj


Retweeted From David Lammy

Well done Stormzy for giving back and leading the way, once again. You don't need to use your power and platform to bring others with you, but you do it anyway. https://t.co/5wf0yBNQHb


Of course!


Retweeted From BBC Breakfast

🙌 Stormzy has started a scholarship for two black students to go to Cambridge University this year. https://t.co/BSeK9pXbcp


Welcome back Stormzy! Thank you for coming back to celebrate with Harris students as they get their results. https://t.co/HYIOaRRCoR


Retweeted From UCAS Online

You need a reference before you can send your application. Here's how to request one https://t.co/wTLtXd5ezA

Our Learning Commission

Launched in October 2008, the Harris Student Commission on Learning was set up as a research and development project to bring together hundreds of students and teachers to create a new design for learning across the Harris Federation.

The Commission wanted to bring about:

  • Significant and lasting changes to teaching and learning
  • A step-change in student engagement, motivation and learning
  • To achieve these changes the Commission established an ambitious programme of enquiry into the most effective learning approaches in the UK and abroad. This enquiry has been co-led by students and staff who for the past two years have worked and learned together in powerful partnerships and teams.

The Commission was designed to go beyond traditional ‘student voice’ work, helping students become leaders of their own and others’ learning with a real stake in how education is organised and delivered.

The Commission has developed a deep and practical knowledge base about what really makes a difference for student learning in the 21st Century. And it has created an irrepressible desire for and commitment to change amongst all the students and teachers involved."

Two years after it began, the Commission has published its new design for learning. This is a set of entitlements and opportunities that the Harris Federation will take forward to ensure all learners and teachers in every part of every Academy in the Federation have consistent access to world class learning opportunities.

In order to support Academies to integrate, deepen and extend their own Student Commission activities, the Federation have introduced Best Practice Trawls that began in January 2012.  The 17 entitlements will provide a framework for these visits which will take place every term, with every Academy being visited every two years.  Best Practice Briefing Papers will be published 3 times per year, with a 'Learning to Learn Journal' published annually drawing together the best of practice from all of the Academies.  The first Best Practice briefing paper was published in May 2012 and the second in Autumn 2012.

As the entitlements continue to provide a powerful framework for whole Academy Improvements, we move forward ensuring the legacy of the Student Commission through "Harris Learning".

In December 2016, the Learning Commission was re-launched with the aim of revitalising the Student Commission with a renewed vigor and aimed at ensuring that learning is ‘World Class.’

The Learning Commission presented their findings at the Senior Leadership Conference  in July 2017 and their findings can be found below.

Student Commission, Summer 2018




Name Date  
A New Approach to Student Engagement 23rd Dec 2013 Download
A New Design for Learning 23rd Dec 2013 Download
Best Practice Briefing Paper 1 23rd Dec 2013 Download
Best Practice Briefing Paper 2 23rd Dec 2013 Download
Learning about Learning Further Insights 23rd Dec 2013 Download
Learning about Learning 12 Early Ideas 23rd Dec 2013 Download
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