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Thanks and to you too 😊


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Oranges are not the only fruit ... | a quite remarkable art exhibition on the Tottenham site from the Year 10-12 students


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When it comes to getting more black women and girls involved, I can only think of one name- Genevieve Bent. She is the award-winning creator of 'Young, Gifted & STEM' and is the Head of Science at . So proud!


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Few hours before our annual trip to Pompeii. Ready and packed, 42 students from and filled with excitement. See you everyone at 03:00am at HACH.


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Had a chat about school governance this morning and realised I’m in my 15th year of being a governor! Time flies but it’s such a rewarding experience if you can find the time to be involved in your local school(s).


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Meet Dora! She's a Chemical Engineering graduate and she's training to teach maths at You can read her blog posts here:


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Delighted to be accepting the award for independent/state partnership with - fitting testament to the wonderful alliance between and .


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We’ve had impressive interest in our funded teacher training prog for 2020. We also want to hear from those who want to find out about a career in .


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Filming with some very curious little ones at ⁦⁩ new nursery today - London’s only completely free nursery. They say it’s desperately needed in the capital - and the kids certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves! ⁦


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Check out our FREE Geography subject knowledge twilights for teachers! Book your place now at 23/03/20- The Urban Regeneration of the London Docklands 18/05/20- Rivers and Coasts through GIS


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On 6 February 2020 our charity celebrated the official opening of our first fully funded nursery in London, in partnership with the . To find out more about our nursery visit:


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Inspiration for my daughter who chose the STEM pathway on the wonderful Platform+ and she is loving the challenge! Classes on again tomorrow at 9.30. A wonderful opportunity in partnership with

Rebecca Hickey

Rebecca Hickey

Executive Principal, Harris Academy Peckham and Principal, Harris Academy Beckenham

I came into teaching inspired by a love for English Literature and an outstanding teacher who guided me through GCSE and A Level.

My career started in local authority state comprehensives, rising from NQT to assistant principal over seven years, before joining the Harris Federation – where I have now worked for ten years.

My time with Harris has been hugely rewarding. I have been given endless opportunities to improve my professional skills and have met some wonderful colleagues, with whom I have felt privileged to collaborate. It is exceedingly challenging, and expectations are very high, but the satisfaction I have felt through successes in my various roles have made every minute worth it.

The most positive aspect of working for the Harris Federation is the way the team works together. There is always somebody available for advice, guidance and encouragement, with no issue being too trivial. The support network is quite phenomenal, and this has not lessened despite our rapid growth as a Federation.

The academies I lead are very different, but both have enormous strengths. Beckenham is a very special Academy: a true community comprehensive serving its local residents. It has improved year on year and is increasingly becoming the school of choice in our area. Our staff and students are remarkable and our ethos of scientific enterprise as well as our relentless focus on WORD (Writing, Oracy and Reading Development) makes it a thriving, dynamic place of learning.

Harris Academy Peckham sits at the heart of its richly multi-cultural community and provides an excellent standard of education and personal development for every student. Our ethos of LEAP (Leadership Enquiry Aspiration Perseverance) underpins all of our key policies and creates a clear and powerful vision for our students and staff. An exciting place to work, with the opportunity to make a truly significant difference to young people’s life chances, Harris Academy Peckham is a place of ambition and aspiration through and through.

If you are applying for a position at either academy, you need to have optimism and a ‘can-do attitude’ among your core values – they are fast-paced, challenging places of learning. You will need to be flexible to the needs of our students and dedicate yourself to every aspect of academy life.

If you possess these qualities, the Harris Federation is a truly exceptional place to build your teaching career. There is nowhere better to receive exemplary professional development and to work with experts across every aspect of the educational realm.

My top three qualities when looking for a teacher:

  • Subject expertise
  • A ‘can-do’ approach
  • The ability to communicate effectively and accurately


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