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Welcome from the Senior Executive Principal & CEO - Sir Dan Moynihan

The Harris Federation is an education charity led and run by teachers.  

The founder, Chairman and sponsor of the Harris Federation, Lord Harris of Peckham, opened our first school in 1990. There are now 54 Harris primary and secondary academies in London and Essex, as well as a teaching school alliance that trains thousands of teachers every year.

We have, over the past thirty years, implemented ideas and initiatives that have transformed the opportunities of pupils from working class and disadvantaged backgrounds.  Harris academies are widely recognised as a force for social mobility.  We are immensely proud of the role that our alumni are now beginning to play in the world and of what we believe our current generation of pupils will go on to achieve.

“The introduction of two new Harris Academies in Mitcham and Morden has improved the lives of thousands of my young constituents. Even pupils who were struggling have grown wings and their aspirations have risen beyond all expectations.” 

– Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Morden   

Our academies are oversubscribed by a ratio of around four applications for every place available and the vast majority are judged to be ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. Lord Harris is dyslexic, a condition that was never diagnosed while he was at school. As a result he left education unable to read or write but achieved great success in business completely against the odds.  Likewise, me and others now leading the Harris Federation were inspired to become teachers by the limitations of our own experiences at school as children. We are relentless in ensuring the 40,000 children sitting in our classrooms have a far better education than we were able to receive.

As a large, successful group of academies, we have the size and scope to be far more than the sum of our parts. Whether you are a parent or pupil interested in a place, or a staff member, governor or partner looking to join us, we hope this website gives you a strong sense of our record, ethos and drive.

Sir Daniel Moynihan Senior Executive Principal & CEO


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