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📣 PE bulletin for the week..


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Explore our definition of cyber bullying on our new Harris Learning Hub website:


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We have been particularly impressed by these recent homework submissions from Year 7


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Really proud of Yr10 who have been studying forces & stresses. They've built geodesic domes using cocktail sticks & jelly sweets, then constructed their own shapes to show how triangles are used in design due to their strength, which hold the weight of several bricks!


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See our guide on what to do if you encounter cyber bullying - now on our HarrisLearning Hub:


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Today the children in Reception took part in a West African drumming workshop with Wuntanara. They had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for making Friday fabulous for our children


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We love seeing how much children learn at HPAPW! Look at this progress for one of our Reception children, first photo from September and the second one from today.


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Tuesday 1st December is IID Day! All students will be 'off timetable' on this day. Each year group will have a different focus: Year 7: Being a Teenager Year 8: Communication Day Year 9: My Pathways 1/2


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This is very exciting (for me, at least). I've assembled a book following the adventures of Harris Westminster over the last few years and Crown House are going to publish it. I like the way it looks (& give open permission to have it judged by its cover)


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Do you know what happened to Humpty Dumpty? Nursery children were shocked to discover the crime scene. They have been busy investigating footprints, asking questions and looking for clues! If you have any information please contact ! There is a reward waiting...


Thanks for this virtual Remembrance Assembly via


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Explore the history of computer passwords on our new website - now live!


Some great resources already up and being used on this new website - Huge thanks to and all who are involved with creating the content


Thank you so much to all - a fantastic and brilliant initiative that made a real impact on students

Secondary Performance

The Department for Education (DfE) has published its annual league table comparing the Progress 8 and Ebacc scores of multi-academy trusts (MATs) with secondary academies.

2019 was another strong year for the Federation. Overall highlights are:

  • Progress 8 across our academies is +0.39.  This means our pupils achieved more than 3 grades higher across their GCSEs than they would have done on average at other schools.
  • With 20 Harris secondaries included in the league table, our 2019 Progress 8 is substantially higher than any MAT of our size.  We are the only MAT of our size to be within the league table’s top-25. We are also one of only two large MATs to be in the top-ten – the other is STAR, which has ten schools included.
  • 66% of pupils at Harris were entered for the Ebacc, compared to 40% nationally. 42% of our pupils achieved the qualification at Level 4 and 28% did so at Level 5. Both these scores are considerably higher than the national average (25% and 17% respectively), despite the fact that our schools operate predominantly in disadvantaged areas. 

Closing the disadvantage gap

Levelling the playing field for our disadvantaged pupils is a long-standing aim of the Harris Federation. The Progress 8 of our disadvantaged pupils was +0.19.  

We are one of only two large MATs where disadvantaged pupils made positive progress last year.  

31% of disadvantaged pupils at Harris achieved the Ebacc at Level 4; this is more than the percentage of disadvantaged pupils entered nationally for the qualification (28%), let alone those who achieved it (13%). 

Indeed, disadvantaged pupils at Harris are now outperforming non-disadvantaged pupils nationally, of whom 29% achieved the Ebacc.  


Read more: Times interview with ‘the students who made it to Oxbridge against the odds’


Individual Harris academies

As part of its research on individual schools, the DfE indicates where progress sits on a scale of ‘well above average’ to ‘well below average’.  Progress at all 20 Harris academies was average or better, with two-thirds of our schools ranked ‘above average’ or ‘well above average. 

For as long as the DfE has been producing the league tables in this format, there has never been a Harris academy where progress is less than average.

The DfE also ranks schools according to their Key Stage 4 performance within a group of 55 schools with similar intakes of pupils. All but one Harris academy is in the top half of its group both for Progress 8 and Attainment 8. 

Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley and Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich are top of their respective groups both for Progress 8 and Attainment 8. The third girls’ academy in the Federation – Harris Academy Bermondsey – also performed outstandingly and is ranked second in its group for Progress 8 and third for Attainment 8.

Congratulations also to Harris Academy St John’s Wood and Harris Academy Battersea, both top of their group for Attainment 8.



’A’ Level Results 2019 

2,000 sixth formers took ‘A’ Levels at Harris. 

Many were placed at top universities including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and Warwick. We’re also proud to have students going onto an array of the most competitive apprenticeships including Accenture, Capgemini and IBM.  

19% have won places as Russell Group universities compared to 11% nationally (2018).

31 students won places at Oxford and Cambridge and 17 students went on to study Medicine. Many of these were the first generation in their families to attend university.

In 2020, we have 62 students with offers for Oxford and Cambridge. You can read more about them here.  






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