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Fiona Hill, the inspirational former US presidential advisor, addresses Harris Federation students

Students from across the Harris Federation were treated to a special event with Fiona Hill, a leading expert on Russia and an advisor to the last three US presidents.

Born in 1965 in a coal mining town in the North East of England, she told her story of how she went from one of the worst performing schools in England to the White House, via a degree in Russian at the University of St Andrews and a PHD at Harvard.

Ms Hill described how at university she was pigeonholed by her background, frequently asked what school she went to and what her parents did for a living. Moving to America in 1989 was a way out of this with Ms Hill describing being mentored by a woman who, knowing she didn’t have the money to buy a suit, took her to TJ Maxx to buy her one.

She also spoke about her interest in Russia and her work on the US National Security Council.

Thank you to the team at Harris Experience for arranging this event and to Harris Westminster Sixth Form for hosting it.

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