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Harris Aspire in The Times

Harris Academy Aspire, written by Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thompson in The Times, ‘is proof that it is possible to take children who have failed in mainstream education and turn them around.’

Disruptive in class, rude to teachers, playing truant and excluded from his previous school - Harris Aspire turns around the lives of students like Joseph.

“I’ve done more in a year than I ever did at my old school,” he says. “I find it much easier to concentrate in the smaller class. It’s a much better education.”

Skye, a student at Harris Aspire, says she thought her life was over when she was removed from mainstream education and sent to Aspire, but the academy has transformed her.

“I’m a different person now” she says. “At the old school I was naughty from year 7 to 9, I thought I was untouchable, then I got a reputation. This has given me a second chance.”’

Read the full article here.

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