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Harris Westminster Sixth Form named The Sunday Times Sixth Form of the Year

Harris Westminster Sixth Form has been named ‘Sixth Form College of the Year’ by The Sunday Times.

It also ranks fourth nationally among sixth-form specialists for its results which have improved every year since it opened in 2014.

Harris Westminster Sixth Form gives priority to disadvantaged teenagers from in and around London who show high academic potential. The Sunday Times describes a place there as ‘the sort of education normally only money can buy’.

The Sunday Times writes:

“Unusually, preference is given to those who have been in receipt of free school meals at secondary school. This ties in to the school’s main aim: to prepare able pupils from all over the capital, regardless of socioeconomic background, to study at the best universities in the UK and abroad with what the founding Principal, James Handscombe, describes as a “completely unrelenting, uncompromising commitment to learning and cleverness”.

This summer, 26 Harris Westminster students secured places at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

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