Harris academies are setting standards of excellence and fulfilling high expectations
Our academies
Harris academies “are engines of innovation and social mobility.” The Times
Engines of Innovation
Harris has “improved the lives of thousands of my young constituents.” Siobhain McDonagh, MP
Improved lives
“Behaviour is impeccable... It’s the behaviour you see when every pupil is thinking.” Schools Week
Behaviour Schools Week
“I loved learning, I loved studying. My school shaped me to be who I am today.” Musician Stormzy on his Harris education
Joining the Harris Federation

Joining the Harris Federation

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Be part of something bigger

Be part of something bigger

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More than the sum of our parts

We are not just individual students, teachers, leaders, support staff and partners giving their best each and every day. Together, we are more. Together, we are making a difference.

Our Role

It’s not right and it’s not good enough to accept things as they are.

Our job and our mission, our ambition, is to do so much more.

Sir Dan Moynihan, Senior Executive Principal & CEO