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Kids, we do OK at school with recycling, but this scares the hell out of me. How can we do much, much better? Tell the student council what you want. I want to hear your ideas. - Mr McMillan


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Week 2 of our traditional games - French skipping!


Retweeted From Anna Williams

"For every open door at an Oxbridge college, there are 5 that need to be kicked down. For every employer that wants to engage with work experience, there are 100s that won’t or are scared to do so." Congrats to the students going to Oxbridge to kick the doors down!


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Fantastic Sutton Trust 13 Summer School at on Monday and Tuesday. Well done to all the participants!


Retweeted From Coffee House

Why educators shouldn’t just focus on the private-school domination of top jobs, by Dan Moynihan


Retweeted From HarrisBeckenham

Welldone to our superstar girls!


Thank you - and hugely grateful to the philanthropy arm of for providing the financial backing to do this.


Retweeted From HarrisSchoolDirect

Meet Maimuna, previously a student at and now training to teach English at the very same academy!


Delighted to be working with the philanthropy arm of on this exciting project and hugely grateful to them for making this nursery in possible


Retweeted From Lyndsay Harris

of Year 13 HAB6 student, Chantoi!


Retweeted From Harris Benson

We are very proud to announce that our recent Ofsted report is now public - please read here for more details


Report by shows Britain's top jobs are disproportionately dominated by the privately educated. Politics, business & the media remain in the grip of those born into wealth & power. But watch this space. Here are some of our 51 pupils with Oxbridge offers this year.


Retweeted From Harris Bromley

It's National Writing Day this Wednesday. Want to show off your writing skills? Then take part in our competition and submit your creative piece to Ms Short in the LRC. Need or want some inspiration? Why not read this week's Must Read book!


Congratulations to - a fantastic achievement 👏


Retweeted From UCAS

Clearing is coming next month! Here are five things you need to know, including info on: 🙋 who Clearing is for 🗞️vacancies 📚 courses ❓ after Clearing


Fabulous trophies - good luck


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2️⃣ more days to go! See you on Saturday!

Secondary Education

Our Secondary Academies combine the traditional values of good manners,
strong discipline and smart uniform with the best of modern teaching and technology.  We follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a wide range of extra-curricular activities. 

Here are some of the key features you can expect from a secondary education at Harris:

  • Well trained, highly resourced teachers who are ambitious for every student and who closely monitor their progress
  • A calm and orderly atmosphere
  • Extra tuition, either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis for students who need it
  • Individual singing and musical instrument lessons
  • University coaching from age 14 so that students make good decisions early on about their education
  • Dozens of extra-curricular activities, plus trips to the opera, theatre and ballet, as well as to art galleries across London
  • Pastoral care of the highest order, plus a culture of involving parents fully with their children’s education and school life in general.  There are reports home every six weeks
  • Students and staff that become established as trusted and reliable faces in the local community
  • Governors that make a meaningful contribution to progress and development.

We have recently launched ‘The Harris Experience’ across our Secondary Academies, in order to stretch students and introduce them to topics not covered by the national curriculum.  The programme opened with a lecture at Christie’s on Holbein’s The Ambassadors and other topics will include space exploration, logic and historical research.

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