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Retweeted From James Handscombe

My letter in today’s Times: navigating the application system is the easy part of getting into top universities - it’s on developing scholarship that resources should be spent:


Thanks and to you too 😊


Retweeted From HarrisTottenham

Oranges are not the only fruit ... | a quite remarkable art exhibition on the Tottenham site from the Year 10-12 students


Retweeted From Adama Juldeh Munu

When it comes to getting more black women and girls involved, I can only think of one name- Genevieve Bent. She is the award-winning creator of 'Young, Gifted & STEM' and is the Head of Science at . So proud!


Retweeted From Harris Federation Classics

Few hours before our annual trip to Pompeii. Ready and packed, 42 students from and filled with excitement. See you everyone at 03:00am at HACH.


Retweeted From Karl Hoods

Had a chat about school governance this morning and realised I’m in my 15th year of being a governor! Time flies but it’s such a rewarding experience if you can find the time to be involved in your local school(s).


Retweeted From HarrisSchoolDirect

Meet Dora! She's a Chemical Engineering graduate and she's training to teach maths at You can read her blog posts here:


Retweeted From James Handscombe

Delighted to be accepting the award for independent/state partnership with - fitting testament to the wonderful alliance between and .


Retweeted From HarrisSchoolDirect

We’ve had impressive interest in our funded teacher training prog for 2020. We also want to hear from those who want to find out about a career in .


Retweeted From Katie Barnfield

Filming with some very curious little ones at ⁦⁩ new nursery today - London’s only completely free nursery. They say it’s desperately needed in the capital - and the kids certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves! ⁦


Retweeted From Harris Federation Geography

Check out our FREE Geography subject knowledge twilights for teachers! Book your place now at 23/03/20- The Urban Regeneration of the London Docklands 18/05/20- Rivers and Coasts through GIS


Retweeted From Urban Exposure Plc

On 6 February 2020 our charity celebrated the official opening of our first fully funded nursery in London, in partnership with the . To find out more about our nursery visit:

Secondary Education

Our Secondary Academies combine the traditional values of good manners,
strong discipline and smart uniform with the best of modern teaching and technology.  We follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a wide range of extra-curricular activities. 

Here are some of the key features you can expect from a secondary education at Harris:

  • Well trained, highly resourced teachers who are ambitious for every student and who closely monitor their progress
  • A calm and orderly atmosphere
  • Extra tuition, either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis for students who need it
  • Individual singing and musical instrument lessons
  • University coaching from age 14 so that students make good decisions early on about their education
  • Dozens of extra-curricular activities, plus trips to the opera, theatre and ballet, as well as to art galleries across London
  • Pastoral care of the highest order, plus a culture of involving parents fully with their children’s education and school life in general.  There are reports home every six weeks
  • Students and staff that become established as trusted and reliable faces in the local community
  • Governors that make a meaningful contribution to progress and development.

We have recently launched ‘The Harris Experience’ across our Secondary Academies, in order to stretch students and introduce them to topics not covered by the national curriculum.  The programme opened with a lecture at Christie’s on Holbein’s The Ambassadors and other topics will include space exploration, logic and historical research.

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