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Today is opening night of the amazing HCACP production of Grease. 16th, 17th and 18th of July 2019. Tickets available via parent pay.


we would love to have you visit sometime to encourage our students


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England’s First Free Nursery is opening soon! Harris Nursery Hub Peckham with support from sponsors, Urban Exposure, will offer free full-time spaces. Across a newly developed site, facilities include a dedicated sensory room and an all-weather garden. Find out more today!


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Last week of term coming up. Please ensure your child has 100% attendance...we keep them learning to the last minute - no videos or other waste of time. School finishes at 2pm on Friday.


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WORDFest officially opened by Sir Dan Moynihan!


Competitors ready? Spectators ready?


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Teachers! has produced 6 lesson plans to help teachers encourage children aged 14-16 to think critically about the news they see, hear and read. You can download them free here:




Congratulations to winners 'most creative' 'highly commended: Bromley High Streets turns into a sea of planters


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It's TOMORROW!!! 4.30pm can't come quickly enough! See you there? 😀


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The countdown is on... will you be joining us?


Great work well done!!


Harris Academies

The Harris Experience is a two-fold programme over five years

Harris Experience: Years 9-11 is a cultural and academic enhancement programme for our most able secondary school students across the Harris Federation from Year 9 to Year 11. The programme spans over three years for each cohort, from Year 9 to Year 11. During that time, we aim to broaden the cultural and academic experiences of some of our most able secondary students in the Harris Federation, to give them outstanding preparation for some of the country’s top university destinations, including Oxford and Cambridge. In the long term, we see the programme shaping future leaders in all walks of life. Students are exposed to a wealth of high-end cultural experiences, ranging from world class art auctioneering with Christie’s Auctioneers to a trip to the Royal Opera House; from a day of Science in Action at Imperial College, London University, to a bespoke day of lectures at Oxford University. Within their own academies, our Harris Experience students are taught to think independently, to express themselves effectively and to embrace learning for its own sake as well as to start the process of understanding their individual academic pathways. We hope that all Harris Experience students will enter the Harris Sixth Form, where they will automatically gain entry to the Harris Experience Advanced, a programme for our most academically gifted senior students. Here, students are given many opportunities to develop crucial skills needed for successful applications to top universities.

Harris Experience Advanced: Years 12-13 is a Russell Group application programme providing expert guidance and individually-tailored academic opportunities for our most able sixth formers. The programme is aimed at our most academic students who have achieved outstanding grades at GCSE or who prove themselves to be making outstanding academic progress early in Year 12 and maintain this throughout their sixth form life. The programme comprises several whole group sessions; academic tracking; trips and masterclasses; university visits; subject-specific societies to support academic stretch with subject specialist guides; an Oxbridge programme; a medical/dentistry programme; weekly bulletins and follow-up on a wealth of academic opportunities outside of school; guidance on writing very competitive applications to Russell Group universities; interview practice and advice; learning mentors for Oxbridge.

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Latest Tweets

@ HFexperience Posted On: Jun 26 Fantastic Sutton Trust 13 Summer School at on Monday and Tuesday. Well done to all the participants!
@ HFexperience Posted On: Jun 25 Report by shows Britain's top jobs are disproportionately dominated by the privately educated. Politics, business & the media remain in the grip of those born into wealth & power. But watch this space. Here are some of our 51 pupils with Oxbridge offers this year.
@ HFexperience Posted On: Jun 11 Great day at with Harris Experience Y10 students focusing on a variety of STEM subjects, as well as opportunities to get involved with the university! Students have been asked some very tough scientific questions and really had a chance to apply their knowledge.
@ HFexperience Posted On: Jun 7 Fantastic to have ⁦⁩ Year 10 student Basma attend the opening of ⁦⁩ Assessment Centre today!
@ HFexperience Posted On: May 17 The Harris Experience group visited Christie's Auction House on Friday 10th May. They took part in a 'guess the price' activity and produced their own auction house. Students will now start an art project where their creation will be auctioned off!
@ HFexperience Posted On: Apr 1 Thanks to , , , and more for the great opportunities for students through the Harris Experience programme
@ HFexperience Posted On: Mar 29 Year 10 More Able & Harris Experience students watched Romeo & Juliet, the Ballet
@ HFexperience Posted On: Mar 28 Today HE Year 10 students are enjoying a very fun day out at the to see their schools' matinee performance of Romeo and Juliet!
@ HFexperience Posted On: Mar 27 Students also had a great chance meeting with Julia, an ex HEA student currently studying at Fitz who mentored our Year 10 students today.
@ HFexperience Posted On: Mar 27 Fantastic day trip to Cambridge yesterday with HE Year 10 students. They toured both Fitzwilliam and Pembroke colleges, as well as the Cambridge Union. Students really enjoyed the day, which encouraged them to be aspirational about higher education, and to set their sights high.
@ HFexperience Posted On: Mar 26 Students also had a great chance meeting with Julia, an ex HEA student currently studying at Fitz who mentored our Year 10 students today.
@ HFexperience Posted On: Mar 26 Fantastic day trip to Cambridge yesterday with HE Year 10 students. They toured both Fitzwilliam and Pembroke colleges, as well as the Cambridge Union. Students really enjoyed the day, which encouraged them to be aspirational about higher education, and to set their sights high.

Meet Our Students

Sabah Jetha
Sabah Jetha
Year 9
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace
Harris Experience has been a great opportunity for me to learn and take part in academic experiences outside of school. From art auctioneering at Christie's to science related workshops at Imperial College, I have gained insightful knowledge from these opportunities on future careers and pathways that I may wish to pursue later. I'm looking forward to taking part in many other interesting activities in the future!
Gessica Zimmerman
Gessica Zimmerman
Year 10
Harris Academy Falconwood
The Harris Experience has given me the opportunity to learn about new cultures and attend different events around London which I did not know were available. It has broadened my understanding of University life and opened up more options for my future. Throughout the Harris Experience we visited Christie’s Auction House; this was exciting as we created our own art piece and sold it in a live auction.
Kudiratu Olatoye
Kudiratu Olatoye
Year 12
Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich
Harris Experience Advanced offers incredible opportunities for strengthening applications to Russell Group universities. Thanks to the help of the Harris Experience team I was able to gain a place at Villiers Park (residential trip to Cambridge for five days) where I learnt a lot about environmental chemistry. Going on trips like these helps me to have more insight as to what I want to do in University and it also means that I have a lot more to talk about on my personal statement. Harris Experience also enriches wider knowledge of subjects studied and provides the opportunity to encounter people who have similar interests, such as Professor Katherine Willis (Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew) giving a talk on ' Polyploidy' and going to a café scientifique on 'Uncertainty in science' with Professor Stephan Lewandowsky (University of Bristol). What I love most about going to Harris Experience meetings and seminars is that you get to talk to Alumni and they share their experiences with you and also give you advice which has helped me a lot in terms of looking into which university I want to go to.
George McNaughton Ellis
George McNaughton Ellis
Year 13
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace
The Harris Experience Advanced (HEA) provided me with a wide range of lectures and extra curricular trips in Year 12, which helped boost my exam revision and also to appreciate academic life around my subjects. The 'History of Capitalism' series of lectures was one of the most interesting and challenged my views that I had surrounding economics and its systems. The HEA also brought in a wide range of speakers in different subjects which allowed me to engage not just with academics but also other students across Harris Sixth Form that were interested in geography, which is particularly important as it allowed better integration between the different schools comprising our Sixth Form. In Year 13 the focus was on preparation for university which included supporting me in writing my personal statement by helping me pick and choose the necessary information that would best reflect my achievements and academic potential. The HEA team also gave me lots of advice on my university choices and provided me with support for my Cambridge application process, including study days at the university, various interview practice workshops, and, currently, help with my exam revision.
Joel Kyereme
Joel Kyereme
Year 13
Harris Academy South Norwood
Harris Experience Advanced has provided me with the opportunity to take part in many activities which have enhanced my skills and confidence. The highlight of the programe was the lecture series I attended at the Legatum Institute on the 'History of Capitalism'. This experience proved useful for my personal statement and for my wider knowledge.

Our Partners

World’s leading art business.
Renowned opera house and performing arts venue in Covent Garden, central London.
An international think tank and educational charity focused on promoting prosperity.
Outreach medicine programme and social enterprise run by recently qualified doctors.
Award-winning university selection and tracking tool.
Innovative employability tool bridging the gap between schools and employers.
Government service championing and advising on England’s heritage.
World-leading drama school and presentation skills examiners.
Fellowship of many of the world's most eminent scientists and the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.
One of the world's leading research and teaching universities based in the heart of London.
Online social network designed for learning and teaching.
Acclaimed programme for generating alumni engagement in schools.
Constituent College of University of Oxford
Constituent College of University of Oxford
Top-ranking STEM focused university based in Central London
Constituent college of the University of Cambridge
One of the foremost social science universities in the world.
London's leading multidisciplinary university.
An international non-governmental organization that promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.
A Russell Group university in the world's number one finance center.
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